I began building my solo career late in 2018 at the age of 21 after travelling through South East Asia. After years of working unsatisfying jobs that eventually lead me to be uninspired, I figured it was time for a drastic change.

    At an early age, I was introduced to the guitar through my best friend who'd try to teach me classic rock songs. Given that he was right-handed and I was left it proved difficult so I took up lessons locally for a couple of years but eventually stopped playing for a long time. As I grew, I became profoundly influenced by Rap/ Hip Hop. When I was young, I remember listening to the whole Encore album by Eminem in my brothers upstairs bedroom whilst devoting hours on our PS1 learning every song back to back. Mum and Dad at the time didn’t realise how explicit it truly was. Ben and I used to perform ‘My Band’ by D12 in the playground in front of everyone in our year thinking we were it.

    Fast forward 15 years my best mate Kai and I used to play hip hop instrumentals in the car on the way to work at the window factory and start free-styling. Most of the time we were messing around, but it enticed me into writing for the first time. I loved finding words that I could piece together to tell a story. It’s like building a puzzle, constantly trying to unscramble the words in my brain and string together new ones, its only once the song is complete that I can appreciate the bigger picture. 

    Whilst travelling abroad, I began to write over instrumentals with the aim of recording them when I came back. This would be the first time stepping up to a mic. I went to my friend's little studio set up in his garden shed and recorded two verses. Neither of us really knew what we were doing, and the outcome proved that. 

    Throughout that summer I met his business partner at a local festival who was also a music producer. From then on, he became a fundamental part in helping me develop my sound and eventually lead me to write, produce and record my own EP. He was my education in producing which allowed me more creative control on how I wanted my music to sound and what I wanted to achieve with every track. Since this time I have been learning more about the music industry, working hard in kitchens to save money and put back into my career along with constantly producing, writing and recording projects. 

    People keep asking me what my unique selling point is. Truth is I don't know. I want to reach people with my music and become influential in the industry. I found music as my outlet to tell a story and that passion is what drives me forward.

Writer/ Producer/ Vocals - Will Baddeley

Producer - Matt Cuzen

Photographer - Josh Leveridge

3 Years Later Set


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